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Mar 20

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speaking honestly here for a second, i wish i could die and not have anyone care, i wish no one would get sad, i wish that people wouldn’t have to see me after i was dead, i wish i could just go and everyone could move on with their life and no care. its hard to be positive about your future when…

Everything is in the mind set. Think positive and you will start feeling happy and more confident. Always smile, it makes people beautiful inside and out.

Mar 11
Mar 11



I never stopped googling Justin and Selena. Yes, that’s how I’m so into them; as individuals as well as a couple.

I have always loved Selena from WOWP and Justin ever since Baby. And of course I’d be very very happy when they’re together together.

Just watching the video Justin posted of them…

Mar 11


I Love it like how she changed the lyrics..it’s so cute..
I think everythings okay now between them.
Bc it’s not “How we screwed it up” & “How you screw it up” anymore it’s “Why we screwed it up” now.

While you call that PR, I call it true Love.

Another Lyrics Change:
“I used to think you are replaceable” from “I used to think I am irreplaceable”

:) :) :)


Dec 18
Dec 04


Every Glee song ever 
Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?

Dec 01
Nov 08

I just posted 'Destined to be Forgotten' on Wattpad! →

Madison was forced to marry a stranger to repay her deceased father’s debt but she fell in love with another person, well that’s what she thought. As she tried to make her marriage worked, she came across problem after problems. When her marriage didn’t work out, her fiance got into a car accident which left him in a coma……..

Nov 08

I just posted 'One sided love' on Wattpad! →

Alice had this huge crush on this boy named Alex and soon confronted him with her feelings. She soon found out that he wasn’t interested in a girlfriend right now but offered her a job instead to become his maid. At first, she thought it was a house cleaning maid but after she accepted the offer she found out that he meant his “personal maid”. After a while of working as a maid, Alice faced a problem which led her moving to New York. Within two years she came across another problem leading her to Kira, a police officer’s son and her future boyfriend. Its a love triangle between two guys…..

Nov 08

I just posted 'Down To Darkness - Chapter 1' on Wattpad! →

Nina was a happy seventeen year old girl who had everything she ever needed. Just one car accident caused her to lost everything on her special eighteen birthday. Her family, her friends, and her happiness, all gone. After the accident she became antisocial which caused her many problem, from an abuse relationship, to a stalker to friends with benefits. Which she had to keep to herself but soon would break. As a problem appeared into Nina life, she met two handsome guys and started to like both of them. As she gets to know them better she is stuck between who to chose. As one of them will soon cause a problem for her to deal with but continued to liked him, and the other one will soon to solve her problems one step at a time. But she has to pick one, which one could she pick?